Live and Direct

The first 24/7 streaming radio station curated purely by the region's musicians and tastemakers.

Coming exclusively to Chattanooga, TN in 2016.

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The Musical Experiment

Imagine a region where there is city-wide fiber optics network along with an awesome community of musicians, artists, DJs, coders, businesses and more. Now, imagine giving this community a voice on a decentralized network with the ability to access it all from your browser or phone. Combine this with live streaming radio and you have a radio experience that goes beyond local. Welcome to undaground.

The Community

The platform being built is community powered and designed to be powerful. We handpick and select some of the area's best curators to present on our platform. Every curator on this community will have a show that they can either pre-record or present live from any location. All the streaming, hosting, and licencing is taken care of on our end. We're opening invitation to the area's music scene and inviting any member of the music community to host a show. Musicians, DJs, producers, promoters, press, venues, and everyone in between is invited to join and host a show. By giving the music community a voice we are doing what local FM Radio can't at a speed that can't be matched.

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For The Listeners

Following a favorite band or musicians? You can follow them on our platform and get updates when they play a radio show. Missed a show? Not a problem! We have included previously recorded shows on our platform available for streaming for streaming after the show airs. Hosted on our super fast fiber-optics speed servers. Want to know what song that was? Track your favorite songs and discover some of the area's best music.

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For The Curator

What's the best part about being a curator? Curators can present their shows from any platform they'd like to use. If you're a curator wanting to stream a simple iTunes playlist it will be easy to do. If you're a DJ who wants more control you can use most software like Ableton or Traktor. Want a live show with instruments? We can accomadate you here too. We're not bound by genre either and aim to include an eclectic mix of music, talk, and news.

As our app grows we want to give back to curators and community.

Our plans are to implement a profit sharing model with our curators once the app makes a profit.

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Coming Soon

Available on iOS and Android in 2016

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