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What is Undaground?

We are the bridge between you and local culture. We are a community-centric, audio and video streaming platform that allows Users to discover and engage with the unique aspects of their location. Chattanooga is only the first stop on this backstage tour of local music, arts, food, sports, comedy, technology, business, and community events.

Our Platform

undaground is a next generation media network capturing and creating must-have experiences. Users of our app will have access to exclusive, local content in the form of podcasts, live streaming music and events, videos, and blogs that are hosted on our super fast fiber-optics speed servers. We hand-select Curators from the leaders and tastemakers of key cultural arenas of each city and empower them to tell compelling stories. By streaming, curating, marketing and producing local content across multiple niches, we have become a consistently valuable asset to our Partners and synonymous with the way people connect with local culture.

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Our Users

Have you ever missed an exciting local event, or want to learn more about the cultural experiences that make the city you live in unique? Have you ever been in a new city with the desire for a hyper-local experience? The big platforms offer a lot of good information, but they are often incomplete and unreliable, or they lack the valuable insight locals have acquired over the years. By curating, marketing, producing and streaming exclusive, local content, undaground gives our Users a sneak peak into what makes each individual city tick. Our Users are willing to do new things whether they are at home, or on the road. We give them the information they need to make to have the best experiences possible.

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Our Curators

We empower focused experts who are working within one or more pillars of culture in their growing city. They are passionate about telling stories that highlight aspects of local culture that may otherwise go untold. We also work with relevant business owners who are committed to continually growing their brand within a community. No matter what their background is, our Curators are willing to create, or aide in production of, exclusive content that highlights their involvement within a specific cultural niche. By using the extraordinary speeds of the GIG to give members of the community a voice, we are doing what local FM Radio can't, and we have begun implementing a profit share model with our Curators as our app generates income.

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Our Partners

Managers and directors working in small to medium sized local businesses are often in charge of finding and using available resources/platforms to fulfill their company’s marketing needs. Often, those same individuals need assistance with online marketing, and desire access to a diverse audience. undaground looks for Partners who are successful at running their Brand within specific cultural niches that are looking for growth and edification within a market. We combine product placement, inbound marketing techniques, sponsored posts, eye-catching media, imbedded advertising and much more to create unique packages through which our Partners gain valuable growth.

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